Exciting new resource available for summer! ☀️

Therapeutic half day summer camp in our new Encino offices. This is the perfect opportunity for kids who need to use summer to build coping skills and work on emotional regulation. We will be pouring loads of skills, resources, and coping skills practice to get these kiddos to build up their tool kit. Two different programs are being offered (one week each).

The Cognitive Behavioral Skills program will offer a constellation of tools and techniques for managing mood and emotional dysregulation.

The Therapeutic Art and Expressive Writing program will offer teens and tweens a chance to use art and creative writing in their emotional expression. The programs will complement each other wonderfully and will offer kids a wealth of information and interventions as well as small group discussions and practice and implementation of learned skills. We are THRILLED about these programs and would be honored to have your kids join us for this special opportunity.



Early Bird Special!

Register Before May 1st- $300 per week

Register After May 1st- $350 per week