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Field Based Behavior Support

After years of working therapeutically with children and teens, we noticed that some clients made great strides during sessions but had a difficult time applying those changes outside the office.  Our 1:1 behavior support program was born out of the understanding of the gap that forms for some clients between the therapeutic work that takes place in-office during regular sessions and the generalization (or lack thereof) of learned skills into the natural day-to-day environment.  Behaviorists in our program work with children, teens, and young adults in their homes, schools, and out in the community to practice and implement behavior, social and/or executive functioning skills that serve as roadblocks in the journey of achieving their full potential.  After observing your child in their natural environment and seeing the triggers of the problem behavior and the environmental supports of that behavior, we write and implement a behavior plan to be carried out at home and/or school.  Programs are individually tailored and based on the client’s needs.  For each client, specific goals are recommended and targeted in a sequential, stepwise fashion. 

Behavior Support

Our behaviorists work 1:1 with children managing maladaptive behaviors in the home and school setting.  Similarly, we work with the parents at home to coach them and provide support as the maladaptive behaviors are taking place.  Some of the targeted goals include:

    • Reducing tantrums
    • Reducing aggression
    • Increasing prosocial, appropriate behaviors
    • Increasing compliance and follow through with instructions
    • Increasing frustration tolerance

…and many more

Social Support

Our behaviorists work with individuals who struggle with social skills, to develop increased mastery and finesse in their day-to-day interactions with peers.  Some of the targeted goals include:

  • Initiating and sustaining friendships
  • Reading body language and face expressions
  • Engaging others in conversation and staying on topic
  • Giving and accepting compliments
  • Finding common interests
  • Using humor appropriately
  • Social problem solving
  • Perspective taking
  • Building empathy
  • Overcoming social anxiety and fear of criticism
  • …..and many more

Executive Functioning (EF) Support

Our behaviorists teach individuals who struggle with organization, time management, planning, and attention/concentration.  Through consultation with teachers, parents, and allied professionals, we build an individualized program that is tailored to the individual’s EF deficits.  Goals introduced through EF support include:

  • Organizational skills and systems
  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Workplace setup
  • Systems for planning and prioritizing
  • Managing distractions
  • Study strategies
  • Memory strategies to increase retention and recall of learned information
  • …..and many more

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