For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must be completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes.  For someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like a complete destruction. -Cynthia Occelli

Therapy is not advice giving and it is not a process of venting.  In our view, it is a process of stretching and growing towards the goals you establish for yourself.  This is done through a delicate balance of self confrontation and support.  Everyone needs support before they make a major leap.  But if you only get support you will never take the leap.  You also need to look at yourself and your life in the mirror and take responsibility for the choices you have made to get you where you are today.  Only then will you have the motivation to take the leap.  It may be uncomfortable and scary but this is your life. Your only life.  What’s scarier is to never arrive at your destination.

Some people need to hit rock bottom before they want to change, while others are more proactive.  Crisis doesn’t scare us but we also know that crisis is not necessary for change.  We meet you where you’re at.  Whether your marriage is struggling or your parenting is not at its best or perhaps you are just not as happy as you think (and know) you deserve to be…there are so many reason to start therapy.  Some of them have labels like anxiety and depression and others don’t, but one thing is for sure, it is the ultimate act of self-care: taking a hold of your life and turning it around.  We help you do just that.

Individual Therapy

For adults working through relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, loss/grief, self discovery, work/life balance, history of trauma, anger management, and other life stressors and transitions.

Couples Therapy

For committed relationships managing difficulties around sex, money, communication, infidelity, and parenting, among others.  We provide far more than “communication training.” Couples therapy in our practice is truly a parallel transformation of two partners in the presence of one another.

“Two halves have little choice but to join; And yes, they do make a whole but two wholes when they coincide… That is beauty. That is love.” -Peter Williams

Family & Child Therapy

Our approach to working with children is that we believe engaging the whole family system in a meaningful change will yield a longer-lasting, more significant change.  Therefore, while we will work with your child individually at times, we also spend a great amount of time in therapy with parents and parent-child dyads.  This approach is informed by years of experience working with families, as well as a great body of research in our field.

50 Min

Weekly Sessions


Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family & Child Therapy // Fees depend on clinicians you choose to work with.

Therapy sessions are weekly, ideally at the same day and time each week, and last for a duration of 50 minutes, unless there is both a clinical need and a client preference to meet for longer sessions and/or more frequently.  The consistency of sessions is a critical ingredient to facilitating the therapeutic relationship that will lead to the desired growth and change process.

Most clients spend a number of months in therapy.  It’s hard to answer exactly how many sessions a client will need, although it is a common question that we get asked.  Our goal is to facilitate true change and we know that does not happen in a matter of just a few weeks. Just as each person’s history and life circumstances are unique, so will their therapy process be different and thus the time spent in therapy will vary.

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