Training and Education

Take a peek at this anxiety workshop that is available for kids. 

We offer a wide variety of in-person and virtual workshops for parents, children, and educators. 


Presentations for Parents

-Separation anxiety

-Behavior management

-Sibling relationships

-Family dynamics

-The impact of the marriage on parenting

-Eating, food aversions, and the rigid child

-Overcoming toileting delays and problems

-Language development tips and tricks

-Red flags of learning, processing, and executive functioning issues

-Sleep interventions for kids and adults

-Anxiety management 101

-Bullying, girl drama, and the power dynamic

-How to raise resilient kids

Workshops and Presentations for Kids

-Tools for coping with bullies

-Anxiety management 101

-Self esteem for kids and teens

-How to develop a growth mindset

School Presentations and Staff Training

-Functions of behavior and behavior management interventions

-Utilizing shaping and chaining interventions to tech complex behaviors

-Evidence based classroom management techniques

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