Your physical and mental health can be negatively impacted by stress both immediately and over time! So, it’s crucial to develop your ability to unwind during times of stress.

30 Suggestions To Help Unwind While Being Stressed

  1. Get a breath of fresh air- this helps with your immune system and brightens your mood!
  2. Drink some decaffeinated green tea  
  3. Journal your thoughts- this helps process the day and leaving your thoughts written down can help solve many things.
  4. Meditate- this helps get centered, clear stressful thoughts, and relaxes our bodies
  5. Write a to-do list if things are piling up- this will help you cross each task off and make you feel better!
  6. Listen to an uplifting podcast or playlist- this will help you relax and keep you from only thinking of your stress.
  7. Do a LIGHT workout- this will help you, but don’t go too hard
  8. Chew Bubblegum- this reduces the sensory processing of outside stresses and prevents the brain from spreading information associated with the stress.
  9. Re-watch one of your favorite Tv Shows that you know puts you in a good mood- this will brighten your day.
  10. Say some positive Affirmations- you can find a list here (I need to make a instagram post for this)
  11. Do a “At-Home Spa” night- doing self care is very important and this will help relax you.
  12. Write a list of things you can control at the moment- this will remind you how much you really do have control over and also remind you what you don’t have control over.
  13. Turn off all screens and disconnect- this helps with leaving the stress at the door when you walk into your home.
  14. Spend some time with your pets/animals and family- this will help you reconnect with your loved ones and forget your stress.
  15. Make a list you are thankful for – this will help pull yourself out of a bad mood.
  16. Do some deep breathing- this will help get oxygen into your lungs and help you destress.
  17. Do some aromatherapy –  lavender, orange, jasmin, lemon, and cypress all help with     stress.
  18. Stretch for 20 minutes- this helps with increasing blood flow and relaxes muscles.
  19. Go get a massage – if the budget is right, this will help a lot!
  20. Create a vision board- this helps organize all your thoughts and ideas.
  21. Eat mindfully and nutritiously- you are what you eat.
  22. Bake cookies and pass them out to your friends and family
  23. Call a loved one that you haven’t spoken to in a while
  24. Take a long, warm bath with all the essentials
  25. Do some yoga
  26. Read a book on a topic that is light or interests you.
  27. Spend time on a hobby- knitting, crouseting, ect.
  28. Spend ten minutes in the sun- vitamin D does wonders for our mental health 
  29. Volunteer somewhere that has purpose in your life.
  30. Spend time in nature- “greening your brain” has some wonderful benefits. 

 Learning how to unwind while you’re stressed might be challenging, which is why this list of 30 suggestions for doing so is very helpful. I hope you put this to the test and recap the benefits of a more relaxed state of mind.