Here at Dr. Sharon Arbel, Ph.D. and Associates, we discover that parents debate about whether to start or continue counseling sessions throughout the summer.  Vacations, camps, and other absences from regular therapy sessions may cause patients to consider stopping their treatment. Common difficulties that are noted throughout the academic year frequently “disappear” during the more laid-back summer months. This can be a result of lessened academic pressure or scheduled vacation activities. Unfortunately, worry, tension, despair, and acting out frequently increase as soon as the needs increase once more.

While the summer months bring a much-needed vacation from the demanding school schedules, they also present extended days with little structure. Due to boredom and loneliness, this too may result in additional behavioral and emotional difficulties.

In order to “get a jump on” or “ramp up” counseling in advance of the following school year, summer offers the ideal chance. Summer counseling enables the maintenance and application of previously acquired abilities that could deteriorate in the absence of regular guidance. It also encourages families to anticipate problems or hurdles for the upcoming academic year. Children can “beef up” their coping toolbox during therapy by learning new coping strategies.

Summertime Counseling Benefits:


Many families find it challenging to commit to a consistent, weekly counseling plan during the academic year. It may feel like there is just one more thing to fit into your already crowded schedule—your therapy appointments. This is regrettable because we know from both experience and study that kids benefit most and most permanently from regular attendance for an average of 8 sessions. Additionally, we are aware that parents prefer after-school sessions to prevent losing out on important instructional material. However, there are only a limited number of after-school hours available, making it challenging for us to serve every child who need our services. Children are frequently more willing and able to attend counseling sessions on a regular basis during the summer months.

Prepare For New School Challenges

Children are expected to be more independent, more mature, and to have better organization and self-management skills as they go up the grades. Along with rising societal pressures and shifting class dynamics, there are also rising academic standards. Sadly, schools frequently do a poor job of preparing children for these difficulties. Depending on the teacher and the availability of class time, support in these areas can be hit or miss. Children can gain the missing abilities they lack in counseling, including organization, planning, managing bullying, coping with peer pressure, and establishing friends. Our clinicians can modify their strategies to meet the unique needs of your kid.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Children who receive counseling might work on improving their emotional well-being. They learn to speak their emotions effectively, become more conscious of their sentiments, and comprehend how their actions affect other people. Therapy is a fantastic way to reflect on oneself and become more self-aware. Our therapists at Dr. Sharon Arbel, Ph.D. and Associates will give children practical life lessons in managing stress, strong emotions, and emotional regulation.  According to recent research, emotional intelligence predicts someone’s likelihood of success in life more so than academic achievement. There is no better moment than the present to encourage your child’s development in this regard.

Fewer Pressures

Even the best students nowadays struggle with the demanding and demanding academic standards. Unfortunately, we frequently pick up the kids at the conclusion of a long day, which makes it impossible for them to participate in additional mentally or emotionally demanding activities. Because of this, the summer offers youngsters the ideal chance to maximize each counseling session. During the summer, they have fewer obligations and demands, so they show up to treatment sessions rested and prepared to work.

Provides Structure

Summer’s limited obligations can be enjoyable, but they can also make you bored. Many youngsters wind up spending all day on the couch, playing computer games for hours, or even sleeping. Regular counseling appointments can provide your child a sense of success and structure in their seemingly limitless independence.

Social Interaction

The summer season can contribute to loneliness and isolation, much like boredom. Individual or group counseling sessions provide your child with opportunity for play and social engagement. Therapy serves as a launchpad for developing general social skills and interpersonal communication. Students may find them to be of great use in the upcoming academic year.

A worthwhile use of time for kids during the summer is to continue or begin counseling sessions. Give us a call to schedule an introductory meeting if you’re prepared to offer structure and work on goals this summer. Let’s get started!